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Little Ants Childcare Centre is a place where children grow inspired, challenged and nurtured.

Exciting Extras!


Exciting Extras.....

Here at Little Ants we believe in looking at children's develpment and growth in a holistic way, so we have teamed up with some wonderful people and organisations to provide some great added extras for the children enrolled at Little Ants.

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Captain Awesome's Mobile swim truck

Every Tuesday Kay our swim coach from Capt Awesome's mobile swim school, comes to our centre with her AMAZING 'Bubble truck' and takes the children for swimming lessons. This is an additional cost but at only $13 a lesson it is cheaper than the local swim school, and the added bonus of small classes (3 kids max) means they get lots of one on one training. The pool is heated and filtered, with the adjustable water level, and a pump and jet system which creates a current for the more confident swimmers, so it is suitable for babies up to school age children.


Kindy Rock

Ali from Kindy Rock  comes out to the centre every 2nd monday at 10am to do a music session with the children.  Kindy rock is NZ's own award winning preschool educational music programme, we are love how Ali provides a regular and valued contribution to our learning program

Research has shown that music strengthens pathways in the brain so children involved in active music making from a young age have the ability to learn faster. It is also a great way to develop essential skils in different areas; Language, Maths, creativity, fine and gross motor skills, co-ordination and social skills. So we are pleased to have this wonderful addition to our programme.


Waiuku library weekly Mat time

As part of our transtion to school programme we take 8-10 of our preschoolers to the waiuku public library for their special themed mat-times. The walk there often involves discussions around things in the community and the children learn all sorts of important skills such as road safety, caring for others and our environment as well creating as a love for books and literacy. 

Relaxabub Yoga classes

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Relaxabub Yoga classes

Kathy from Relaxabub comes on monday to do Yoga classes with the older children. This is a great way for the children to increase their fitness and learn some new physical gross motor skills, and have fun while doing it!