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18 Martyn St
Waiuku, Auckland, 2123
New Zealand

(+64) 9 235 0172

Little Ants Childcare Centre is a place where children grow inspired, challenged and nurtured.


Te Puawai Room

At Little Ants Childcare Centre, we stimulates preschoolers' physical and social interactions. We always strive to personalise their learning programme.

Developing a bright future for pre-schoolers

Adventurous, creative and starting to be independent. Yes, that’s your pre-school Kiwi kid. For this lively bunch we continue the development through hands-on interaction and quality engagement. We also believe it’s important to stimulate physical and social interactions with other children, adults and the natural environment so that children develop a sense of responsibility, are self-aware and are challenged. We also understand that each child is different, so we personalise their learning programme where possible. And when all goes well, they’ll be well prepared for primary school 

Key learning development:

  • Independence and confidence
  • Responsibility and self-awareness
  • Numeracy and number recognition skills
  • Early phonics and literacy skills
  • Creativity and social skills
  • Problem solving and early research skills