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18 Martyn St
Waiuku, Auckland, 2123
New Zealand

(+64) 9 235 0172

Little Ants Childcare Centre is a place where children grow inspired, challenged and nurtured.

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What age do each of your rooms cater for?

Our Baby room is for children aged 3months to 2-2/12 years old

Our Toddler room is for children aged 22 months to 3-3 1/2 year olds

Our Preschool room is for children aged 2 3/4 to 6 years old.

We transition the children depending on a number of factors, readiness is not a age dependant thing, we  discuss transitions with the families and teachers in each area before transitioning a child.


How many children is each room licenced for?  What is the teacher to child ratio for each room?

Our centre is licenced for a total of 60 children, but we have decided that a better quality environment is for us to work to 55 children.

Our Babies room we will have 12 children (room is licenced for 15), with 3 fulltime staff and a break cover person , so the ratio is 1-3 or 1-4.  (ministry requirement is 1 teacher per 5  children). 

Our Toddler room  will have 12-13 children ( also licenced for 15), with 2 staff and a break cover so a 1-6 ratio ( ministry requirement is 1 teacher per 10 children) . 

Our Preschool room is licenced for 30 children, we have 4 staff so that is a 1-7, 1-8 ratio ( ministry requirement is 1 teacher per 10 children) . 


Are you open in the school holidays?

Yes, we are only closed weekends and public holidays.

Do you charge for public holidays?

Yes as we don't receive funding for those days.

Do you have a transition to school program?

Yes we do, please talk to our experienced preschool team about the many faceted aspects of how we ensure children are school ready. We are part of the Transition team which is made up of preschool and new entrant teachers who meet regularily,  working together to build bridges to help children make the transition smoother. So our program is line with what the local schools require for school readiness.